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I Am BunDance Media.

From Web site design to Web App development, taking in AngularJS, Laravel, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Git, Bower, Yeoman, Grunt and all the ReST (sorry!) - I've been there, done that, written the specification, secured the patent, and founded the startup.


I am Mike Evans, founder of BunDance Media, and this is what I do:

Web Site Development

Craft responsive HTML, wrangle WordPress themes, optimize JavaScript performance, and mould Twitter Bootstrap to eye-pleasing beauty.

Web App Development

Transform XML datafeeds to CSS candy, wrestle with ReST, Angularize Web Apps, and code cunning plugins.

Web Publishing

Experimental Web business models, Web analytics and multi-variant testing (with a sprinkle of SEO and content marketing for good measure).


For hire

Front-End Development
JavaScript, AngularJS and jQuery scripting, from site templates to rich Single Page Apps.
Responsive Web site Design
Beautiful and validated web sites using HTML5 and CSS3, with Twitter Bootstrap a speciality.
Back-End Development
PHP, Laravel, and WordPress API, from simple WordPress plugins to complete server-based Web Apps.
From API consumption, to your own custom ReST API designed and developed.
Database Development
From database schema design to MySQL implementation, with full optimization and performance tuning.

JavaScript and AngularJS

HTML5 and CSS3

PHP, Laravel and WordPress

ReST APIs, consumed, designed and developed

MySQL, Database design, SQL

Some of

my work

  • Space Data Routers

    Single Page Web App
    • port2
    • port2

    Space Data Routers

    Rich Web App for international Space Data Routers consortium, providing sophisticated and secure management of satellite dataset meta-data, and integrating Web app back-end with novel Delay Tolerant Network used by space scientists.

    Project Details

    The project was developed for external clients and used an array of cutting edge Web technologies. The Web app was designed as a rich Single Page App, with the front-end developed using AngularJS and JavaScript, querying the back-end server using a custom-designed and built ReST API. The back-end was developed using MySQL and the Laravel PHP framework, which is particularly suited for rapid API implementation using secure and performant code.

  • Open Source AngularJS Library


    Angular Momentum Library

    A regularly updated library of useful AngularJS UI directives and services I've created.

    Project Details

    Fully tested using Karma test runner, liberally commented for future maintenance, and published openly on GitHub

  • MobileMentalism

    Tech Blog
    • port2
    • port2
    • port2


    Popular tech blog first launched in August 2005, and visited by 150,000 unique people a month

    Project Details

    Based on WordPress with several significant redesigns. New fully responsive theme employs Twitter Bootstrap and Google Fonts, with custom WordPress plugins making posting more efficient.

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If you're looking for a developer to work on your Web app, Web site or WordPress plugin, or you want to contact me for any other issue, just use the form below below and I'll be in touch shortly.

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Mike EVans

Founder, BunDance Media